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Movement Floor :
The scope of application
      Apply to the main stadium badminton, table tennis stadium, basketball stadium, tennis and a variety of venues such as the gym.
Comfortable performance
      The game-design, professional-wear non-slip floor, the better to prevent sweat fell to the floor at the foot of the athletes caused by a sudden slip, so that the athletes start-up and braking to achieve the best results. At the same time,the athletes easily jump, land,make cross-leg and back-foot when the subject of the most powerful impact was absorbed by the double buffer layer, so making the athletes feel a great comfort.
      With non-toxic, tasteless, the use of anti-bacteria, pest control, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, scratch resistant, dimensionally stable, water, solid color, anti-crack anti-warp, anti-static, a flame retardant, anti-aging, sound-absorbing, environmental protection, etc. So that your excersizes have heathy,safety,comfort more room.
Specifications: width1.5M × 15M; thickness 3.0-8.0mm; wear-resistant layer 0.7-1.8mm (based on customer needs, production design)
This product has been adopted by the National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision, Inspection and the State Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision, Check.
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