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Commercial Floor:
The scope of application
    Apply to hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, schools, operating rooms, nurseries, laboratories, food factories, pharmaceutical plants, dust-free clean rooms on the ground, such as pavement, which can play a clean and beautify environment function.
    The seamless floor as a whole, beautiful formation, up to mirror the effect (matt can be produced), and easy to clean, easy to maintain, wear and corrosion-resistant, strong adhesion, impact resistance, fast construction. They can be designed the dust-proof floor, and moisture-proof floor, anti-static floor, such floors more durable, longer service life.
Specifications: width1.5M × 20M; thickness 2.0-4.0mm; wear-resistant layer 0.2-0.7mm (based on customer needs, production design)
This product has been adopted by the State Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision, Inspection and testing of building materials and national tests.
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