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The Rubber Floor:
The scope of application
    Rubber flooring is widely used in the terminal or waiting hall, railway stations, stadiums, tunnel, underground car parks, public corridors, shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, banks hall, hotels, restaurants, schools, gym, and other public places; as well as Computer rooms, laboratories, power plants, workshops and other production sites.
1、product resistance, impact resistance, friction coefficient have the flexibility to reduce non-slip, protective performance.
2、weatherability, heat resistance, anti-UV properties meet the needs of different places.
3、water-resistant properties, are easy to clean the surface and maintain.
4、insulation, heat insulation,sound-insulated , anti-static, flame-retardant (which can be self-extinguishing), large safety factor.
5、non-toxic, non-stimulating to the human body, pollution-free, mold, non-breeding micro-organisms.
6、various specifications, color-rich, non-reflective, and beautiful finishes generous, a free combination of a variety of patterns.
7、to facilitate the construction, laying of adhesive can be used, it can be laid without laying of adhesive.
Specifications: width1.5M × 20M; thickness 2.0-4.0mm; wear-resistant layer 0.2-0.7mm (based on customer needs, production design)
The product passed the national construction materials testing and inspection of the State Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision, Check.
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