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Wood Grain Floor
The scope of application
    Applicable to a variety of venues, such as home, rooms, offices, laboratories, wards, operating rooms, basketball stadiums, multi-purpose venues, and so on.
    Products with high strength, wear-resistant, beautiful seamless, solid texture, corrosion, dust-proof, easy maintenance, low cost for maintenance.
    As for the technology ,it will be changed from the original print way into the three-dimensional grain suppression of synchronization process, the surface of the grain processing technology breakthroughs to enhance the visual effect of visual real grain, an increase of visual beauty. True innovation in improving the grain as well as on the original technology had improved, so that the noise of the mute function well reflected, and more coveniently installed, as a whole to achieve the perfect coordination, and enhance installation of the overall effect.
Specifications: width1.5M × 15M; thickness 2.0-8.0mm; wear-resistant layer 0.7-1.8mm (based on customer needs, production design)
This product has been adopted by the State Quality Supervision, Inspection and fire prevention materials and the State Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision, Check.
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