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Automotive interior products:
The scope of application
    Our products for the car interior leather apply to the vehicle instrument panel, leather door (film), leather roof, the car floor, car seat, and other skin material. At present, and has made a number of cooperations with high profile car manufacturers , the products are sold to more than 10 domestic provinces and cities.
    The products are generosity beautiful, diverse, in the 130 ℃ under vacuum deformation pattern,and it is suitable for high-frequency thermal hot co-molding process and with dimensional stability, wear-resistant, light, heat, cold, anti-flame-retardant, impact resistance, and other characteristics.
Specifications: width 1.5M × customer demand for length, thickness 0.1-3.0mm.
Our products for the automobile interior materials' cold-resistant, flame-retardant and other properties have passed through the National' Cars Quality Supervision and Check.
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