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   Cangzhou Plastics Co.,Ltd. is a subsidiary company of ChemChina Group Corporation Cangzhou Dahua Group Co., Ltd..
   The Company has adopted all the international advanced level of imported equipments, which have an annual output of 8,000 tons PVC rolling production line, 65-inch six-color automatic press, Three doublers, and other auxiliary equipment and the advanced experimental equipment. 80% of the company's employees have secondary or higher, 2 senior engineers and 10 assistant engineers.
   Our company is capable of producing soft, semi-hard variety of civilian and industrial use of artificial leather, such as leather bags, leather sofa, leather ball, leather shoes and so on . To the beginning of 2000, in order to meet markets' demands for a variety of automotive leather and film, successfully the company has developed PVC-ABS vehicle instrument panel, PVC doors, before and after the roof, the car seat, automobile interior products such as the floor of the epidermal m(aterials), there are a number of high profile domestic automobile manufacturers to cooperate with us, selling to more than 10 domestic provinces and cities; table cloth, leather products have been exported to United States, Canada, Europe and other countries or regions in the plastics industry to enjoy a relatively high reputation.
  In 2004 our company has successfully developed PVC plastic flooring, luminous floor, rubber floor, applying to hospitals, schools, laboratories, exhibition halls, stadiums, offices, hotels, and other places, with a high-performance anti-fouling, and easy to clean and maintain, hygiene requirements higher level hygiene requirements, and color-rich varieties available to choose from hundreds of embossed, as a new product that is well received by customers.
   The company has strong economic strength, skilled professionals and modern management mechanisms adopted by the family of ISO9001 quality system certification, and have united to help, people-oriented corporate culture and the strong cohesion of centripetal force; adhere to the credibility of the first, the principle of the supremacy of users, And quality service to the customers at home and abroad wholeheartedly with cooperation and Cangzhou Baili Plastics Co., Ltd. will work with you for a better future!
CANGZHOU BAILI PLASTICS CO.,LTD.  Add:Yongji street 21 Cangzhou city Hebei province
Fax:0317-3023545 3021462  Tel: 0317-3021463  0317-3077313  0317-3556652